Kim Jong Un at MoMA PS1

photo by sara wass

THE SUPREME LEADER OF THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA presents Ultimate Global World Karaoke Championships: Impending Nuclear Annhilation Edition

Kim Jong Un, "Inventor of Karaoke" and "Karaoke Diplomacy," hosts an international karaoke competition, where he is the sole contestant, judge, and composer of all the original music, including his international hit songs, "Born in The DPRK," "Do Re Mi (Let's Teach The Orange Dotard How to Read)," "Rocket Man,""Killing In The Name Of (Kim Jong Un)," and others. Exhibiting all the traits of a brash, petulant authoritarian, with a disconcertingly fragile ego, my Kim Jong Un, eerily interpellates the familiar characteristics of President Trump.